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Victoria Horne

Costume Designer

Victoria designs costumes for Musical Theatre & Performers, TV, and for Dance, and celebrity personalities.

“Victoria Horne has designed some elegant Victorian costumes, mostly in black, with the two women highlighted by their outfits – Lisa in a shiny steel grey gown, and later a white wedding dress, and Lucy with her vibrant red wig”

Limelight Music Arts & Culture “Jekyll & Hyde”

“Victoria Horne’s costuming firmly placed the work in 19th century London. Beautiful brocades and bustled skirts in blacks and greys keep the aesthetic dark and mysterious yet elegant. While the majority of the rest of the cast remains in the same costumes throughout, even when ‘revived’ to become part of the ensemble, Amanda Lea LaVergne, as Jekyll’s fiancée Lisa, adds a touch of light to the story for their wedding and John Wood quietly returns to the ensemble in a suit, sans the Bishop of Basingstoke’s robes. Warlow is effortlessly transformed from Jekyll to Hyde with the simple addition of a fur trimmed hooded cape, sunglasses and a shift in physicality.”

Broadway World “Jekyll & Hyde”

Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Victoria has won the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria  “Costume Wardrobe of the Year” award Four times.

“The visual variety is further enhanced by Victoria Horne’s absolutely incredible costumes, which are worth the price of admission alone. Never one to shy from a sequin, Horne has outdone herself with the extraordinary cavalcade of costumes. Headpieces are a particular highlight. Riffing on the iconic designs of the professional version of Priscilla, Horne has put her own glossy spin on cupcakes and paint brushes, showgirls and camp funeral attire. Again, there is so much to see that a second viewing is almost mandatory.”

Man in Chair review of Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Jersey Boys



Victoria also designs one-off pieces, and for big or small productions in Australia & International. She designed and dressed the cast of Jekyll & Hyde including Anthony Warlow and Jemma Rix.

“Costume designer Victoria Horne uses luscious tactile fabrics to give the mostly all black costumes a strong sense of luxury. Lisa Carew stands out in sleek steel grey, and her climactic wedding dress brings a touch of sparkle. Mr Hyde’s thickly hooded black cape and blue John Lennon glasses give the insidious villain a sense of swagger and style.”

Man In Chair Jekyll & Hyde


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